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Welcome to Wells Burcombe Solicitors

Wells Burcombe LLP cover all aspects of criminal defence, including criminal appeals, CCRC applications, Prison Law and applications for Judicial Review. The firm also has a firmly established reputation in defending large-scale fraud and HMRC prosecutions, regulatory investigations and all other areas of complex crime .

Our team will help guide you through the criminal process which can be a daunting experience. Our proactive and forensic approach to case preparation means we can offer highly professional and sensitive representation to all our clients.

We have offices in St Albans (Hertfordshire) and West Drayton (London) and work closely with Counsel and Queens Counsel from highly respected Chambers.

If you are facing prosecution or require advice or assistance with any criminal or regulatory investigation please call for a free initial discussion on 01895 449288 (West Drayton, London Office) or 01727 840900 (St Albans, Hertfordshire Office).

If your call relates to an emergency or you need to speak to one of our lawyers out of office hours or at a weekend please call 07592 034170, which is manned 24 hours a day.


Immigration Fraud- confiscation proceedings- international enquiry

Massimo Trebar instructed in this substantial confiscation case which has national and international overlap.

Massimo Trebar- confiscation Solicitor- £1.2m benefit avoided

Confiscation Solicitor Massimo Trebar has avoided over £1M in the last year being paid back to the Government in Proceeds of Crime Proceedings.

Mortgage Fraud

Senior Partner Alan Burcombe receives instructions in a high value mortgage Fraud in Manchester.

R-v-H- successful appeal agsint sentence

In this case, Wells Burcombe successfully argued that the sentencing Judge did not give enough of a reduction in sentence after pleas of guilty had been entered. Immediate release was ordered.

The Rettenden Murders- 'Essex Boys'- CCRC application

David Wells has been instructed by Jack Whomes in this high profile murder case. Doubts have been raised over the telephone evidence relied upon by the Prosecution.

Wrongful arrest- man seeks compensation from the Police

Following an arrest for allegedly being involved in the theft of a car that was in fact legitamately purchased, Wells Burcombe are seeking compensation following an unlawful arrest and detention.

'Operation Bullfinch'

Suezanne King has been instructed in relation to ‘Operation Bullfinch’, an international investigation concerning the prostitution of children in Oxford.

Barry George denied compensation- the fight goes on

Senior Partner Nicholas Baird confirms Barry George’s intention to contunue in his fight for compensation following his acquittal of the murder of Jill Dando, the BBC new journalist and broadcaster.

Government announce sweeping plans affecting the adminstration of criminal legal aid


Is teeth whitening 'dentistry?'

Cassie Roberts has been instructed in a prosecution by the British Dentist Association on behalf of a lady carrying out cosmetic teeth whitening. The case has implications for those providing this service who are not registered dentists.

Public entertainments officer at famous London nightclub acquitted

David Wells has just successfully defended the entertainments officer of the famous night club ‘China White’ in London for allegedly being concerned in the supply of class A drugs to under cover Police Officers.

Wells Burcombe welcome additions to the team

We would like to welcome Chloe Chinnick and Fosia Jury to the crime team. Chloe is a Duty Solicitor and is based at the West Drayton office. Fosia is both Duty Solicitor and Supervisor in Prison Law and is based in St Albans.