Harjit Chana

Crime & Prison Law Solicitor
01727 840900
07592 034170
St Albans office

Harjit Chana has been with Wells Burcombe since 2008 and before going on maternity leave was Head of the Prison Law team. She is now gradually returning to work and will no doubt continue where she left off and very quickly establish herself as a hardworking, dedicated and sought after prison law and criminal appeals solicitor. Harjit has a particular interest in cases involving parole and recall. Unlike many prison lawyers, she sees her cases through from start to finish and does her own advocacy. This means that she maintains her relationship with clients from the early stages of getting to know the case and making the necessary written representations, all the way through to attending parole reviews before the parole board and arguing progression and release.

Harjit also attends prison adjudications and has a highly persuasive style of advocacy. She has had tremendous results for inmates and in helping them avoid extra days.