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  • I contacted Wells Burcombe at the beginning of the year in relation to varying/discharging a SHPO I had imposed on me in 2018. It was a 10 year SHPO which, being in my early twenties, was having a detrimental effect on my life preventing me from being able to have a normal relationship, finding a normal job and just generally having the feeling of having it always hang over me. I got in touch with Alan and arranged an initial discussion where I shared how much my life had changed since the offending period and how I feel it is no longer necessary to have the order in place with the intention of applying to have this varied to 5 years instead of 10 which would have been in line with the sentence I received in 2018. Alan and Ryan were both helpful in their advice and I didnt feel judged at all which is one thing I always fear when disclosing my conviction to another new party. We decided the best way to deal with the application was to wait until July when it had been 5 years and at which point we could make the application directly to the sentencing Court. They put together a witness statement on my behalf, with my input, along with a whole pack of information to supply the court to show how I had turned my life around, as well as finding relevant cases which were related to my case and could be used to show a precedent to support my application. Alan was quick to update me when I would check in to see how things were going and in December of this year we finally had the court case in which my SHPO was successfully discharged along with the notification requirements which were extended due to the length of the order. With the evidence supplied to the judge he commended me for the changes I'd made in life to be able to move on and agreed with the statements put forward by Wells Burcombe, there was no objection from the police force. I am so relieved that I can finally move on and put my past behind me, and although I could have made the application myself I feel that with the help of Wells Burcombe my case was much stronger than if I had gone it alone.

  • I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the fantastic help I received when my two sons had to attend Court charged with various offences. I was amazed at the detailed preparation you all carried out making sure that the very nerve-racking experience of a Court appearance together with facing a Jury was well rehearsed over web video conferences. You prepared my sons mentally and allowed them to focus on things that mattered for the Court appearance. I must mention Hannah who spoke to me so many times when the inevitable Court appearance wasn't listed on the next days appearance. Her integrity, empathy and help was something I will always remember. It's quite nerve racking for a Dad when his sons go to Court and Hannah was such a calming influence that helped me during this time. Finally Ravi, my sincere thanks to you personally for your attention to detail that took so much of your time in preparation for this case. I was looking at your website and now have myself a personal solicitor that I can use for all manner of future requirements.

    J C Lewis
  • Harjit Chana is handling my appeal and I feel compelled to recommend her, as I can say without hesitation that she is head and shoulders above any solicitor I have ever had dealings with. The compassion from her has been outstanding as well as the speed and professionalism that she displays is an absolute credit to Wells Burcombe. Due to this I have recommended Wells Burcombe to anyone who has asked my advice on who to contact regarding legal representation. Also, Laura who answers the phone at the St Albans office is outstanding in every way. Totally efficient and honest.

    Mr. G, Inmate of HMP Erlestoke
  • Gavin Rose helped me with my appeal against sentence. I was an IPP prisoner well over tariff. Gavin helped me successfully argue that the IPP shouldn’t have been imposed. My successful appeal meant that I was immediately released from prison. My nightmare is over. Thank you Gavin.

    Mr. S, Formerly inmate of HMP Full Sutton
  • We are grateful for the high level of support, advice and overall organisational competence from Ravinder over the past year, in her handling of our defence case at the Crown Court. She combined her professional legal expertise & experience with a subtle human understanding of our family’s predicament throughout this sensitive case. Ravi showed great skill and understanding at interview and successfully handled a number of unforeseen procedural complications and delays.

  • Being investigated for an alleged criminal offence as a medical professional was the most difficult time of my life. Throughout the case, the firm demonstrated a personal and professional approach and showed high levels of commitment and endurance. Their knowledge, skill and understanding of the investigative and criminal process was undoubtedly the sole reason I was not prosecuted. Highly recommend.

    Dr. B, Registrar
  • The reason I instructed Wells Burcombe was because of what I had read about them on-line and on their website. I made the right choice. The successful outcome has allowed me to keep my job and uphold my good character.

    Mrs. F
  • Wells Burcombe helped me keep my licence. Losing my licence would have meant that I would have lost everything, including my livelihood. Facing prosecution for a road traffic offence was vey daunting. Choosing the right lawyer was the key to my success in getting right outcome.

    Mr. M
  • The team is very hard working and totally committed, as a practice, to the defendant and client.

    Legal 500, Criminal law testimonial
  • David Wells is an astute, intelligent criminal lawyer recognised in the field of complex crime and with a forensic mind at appeal level.

    Ian Glen, QC, Part Time Recorder, 5 Kings Bench Walk
  • I have never met another solicitor who has such good judgement and who works more tirelessly for his clients than David Wells.

    Robert Banks, Prominent sentencing barrister and author of leading sentencing textbook, ‘Banks on Sentence’
  • Wells Burcombe’s approach to my case was fantastic from the outset. I received an early reply to my initial enquiry and managed to obtain a prompt appointment. My main concern was how much it was all going to cost but I genuinely found that the firm helped me in this respect and that the advice I got allowed me to settle my divorce as amicably and as fairly as possible.

    Mr. P
  • Wells Burcombe was recommended to me to assist with my divorce. My solicitor was absolutely fantastic. She showed herself to be a tough opponent for my wife’s solicitor and a very hard negotiator. The outcome was fair and reasonable and she helped me avoid what could have been a bitter and costly battle over access to children and distribution of assets. Highly recommended.

    D Taylor, Stevenage
  • The Solicitor dealt with my divorce in a compassionate, sympathetic and highly professional manner. The separation from my wife was emotionally draining but with her patience and understanding I was able to ensure the very best settlement for all parties and at the same time maintain unrestricted contact with my children.

    Mr. P
  • My solicitor's approach to my case was polite, intelligent and highly efficient. Divorce can be very tiresome and emotionally draining but she really helped share my burden.