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Disputes and Litigation Solicitors

Wells Burcombe advise on a wide range of litigation and dispute matters. We have an experienced team who can guide you through what will undoubtedly be a stressful and difficult time.

Often the key to dispute resolution is a rapid response. Our team will act quickly to get the matter resolved as soon as possible, with the best possible result for you.

In most cases we will try to resolve the matter through alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiation, arbitration or mediation. This can help to avoid lengthy and costly court cases, which can be very stressful for both parties. However, if the case does go to court, we will provide you with robust representation making sure you get the best possible outcome.

Our experienced litigation solicitors have represented clients on a wide range of litigation and dispute matters. We help both individuals and companies and can offer fixed fees so you know exactly how much it will cost you, taking away uncertainty during a complicated time.

Contact us today in London (West Drayton) on 01895 449288 or in Hertfordshire (St Albans) on 01727 840900 or email us at info@wellsburcombe.co.uk.

What can we help you with?

Contract Disputes

We'll help you resolve any contract disputes as quickly as possible ensuring prompt payment, correcting issues or preserving important relationships.

Debt Recovery

Involving lawyers at an early stage is often key to recovering any money you're owed as soon as possible.

Professional Negligence

We rely on professionals for their expert knowledge. If you've been given poor advice you might be entitled to a claim.

Property Disputes

No one wants a property dispute to drag on. We'll work to get yours resolved as soon as possible, making every effort to avoid court and its costly fees.

Need Advice on a Litigation or Dispute matter?

Contact us today for a free initial consultation in London (West Drayton) on 01895 449288 or in Hertfordshire (St Albans) on 01727 840900 or by email.