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Reviewing your sentence

Reviewing your sentence

Robert Banks of 'Banks on Sentence'

Wells Burcombe criminal defence and criminal appeal solicitors work very closely with leading barrister in the field of sentencing, Robert Banks. He has appeared as leading counsel in numerous high profile and notable cases and in recent years has established himself as a leading authority on sentencing. He is the author 'Banks on Sentence', the first point of reference for judges when sentencing and a core judicial work. His book is relied upon by most, if not all, criminal lawyers specialising in criminal appeals against sentence and sentencing generally.

Robert Banks reads and assesses all Court of Appeal sentencing cases and considers all new statutes and statutory instruments. He is regularly instructed by Wells Burcombe and clients approach us to work with him because of his particular skill is to find grounds of appeal no one else has managed to identify.

It is not at all uncommon hat defendants are told to expect a certain sentence only to receive something quite different. This largely because unfortunately too many lawyers don't truly understand sentencing law and its application. Sentences are imposed daily which are open to appeal but where lawyers advise against appealing. Some of those sentences are even unlawful. This sadly occurs because the law is so complex and partly because legal aid funding is just so poor that many advocates don't read their cases properly and many neither know the sentencing law properly nor keep up to date with the changes. Wells Burcombe have worked with Mr Banks on numerous cases and have jointly identified grounds for an appeal.

Robert Banks does not receive instructions directly. To be instructed and to review a case, he needs to be formally instructed by a solicitor. Given the level of expertise provided by instructing Mr Banks to review a sentence and advise, he only exceptionally accepts instructions on a legal aid. Despite his unrivalled experience, his fees are reasonable. To request a review by Mr Banks, simply contact us.

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