Chelsea Turner

Prison Law Consultant
01727 840900
07523 695950
St. Albans

Chelsea Turner is one of Wells Burcombe’s most recent recruits to the Prison Law team and is a very welcome addition. Based in Hackney in East London, she is known within the prison community for her proactive and dedicated approach. She has knowledge of the prison system and prison law which is hard to match within the profession. She possess almost unrivalled knowledge of the law and policy surrounding Generic Parole Reviews for ISP and Determinate cases, recall reviews and has a very keen interest in prisoner adjudications. Her considerable experience working for the public protection casework section has given her a unique insight into the procedures and challenges faced by clients during their Parole process which places her at a distinct advantage when preparing submissions for release.  Chelsea is recommended not just for her knowledge, but because she is seen as genuinely caring, highly personable and always motivated.

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