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Allyce Swift


Allyce Swift, originally from Surrey, is an experienced Prison Law Consultant with a tenacious and proactive approach to all aspects of prisoners’ rights.

Her experience includes:

  • Prison Law Supervisor Standard
  • Parole hearings, adjudications, written representations
  • Judicial Review
  • Appeals against sentence
  • Author of numerous articles in Inside Time and The Justice Gap

She has an in depth knowledge of prison law and all of the various risk assessments that it involves. Her experience has enabled her to see how the justice system works both within the custodial environment to release on licence. Her excellent networking skills and ability to develop client relationships has led to a significant expansion in our client base. Allyce is known for her meticulous attention to detail, knowledge base and friendly professional manner.

As a Prison Law Consultant, Allyce is used to working under immense pressure to strict deadlines. She has a large client base that each need advice and assistance with a number of different matters. She co-ordinates her work load, whilst working under immense pressure, but is able to meet deadlines. She is able to take on new challenges with confidence. One of her strongest assets is her strong communication skills and she is able to explain difficulties to her clients and answer any concerns that they raise. She is able to engage and encourage people at all different levels.