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Defence of Company Directors

Being a company director carries a lot of responsibility and can result in close scrutiny when there is any suggestion of wrongdoing within a company. Directors could find themselves facing a fine, director disqualification or imprisonment if they are found to have acted improperly or criminally.

Directors often find themselves in the firing line when a company is at risk of insolvency or where authorities suspect that criminal activity has taken place in a business. In such situations, having the right legal defence team in your corner is critical.

Wells Burcombe is recognised as one of the top criminal defence firms in the South East, with particular expertise in white collar crime. As such, our team can provide the very best legal defence for company directors, including in relation to the most complex and high value matters.

We know how worrying it can be to find yourself facing investigation or prosecution. Our criminal defence team are here to provide clear, sensible advice on your legal situation and your options. We can then make sure you have the very best defence from the outset, supporting you through every stage of proceedings and helping you to get the best available outcome.

Based conveniently in West Drayton in London and St Albans in Hertfordshire, our clients come to us from across the UK for our independently recognised expertise and strong track record of success.

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Our expertise in Defending Company Directors

Insolvency Claims against Directors

Where a business is facing insolvency or has become insolvent, the conduct of the directors is often called into question. Our company director defence experts can assist with claims against directors for matters including:

  • Wrongful trading claims
  • Fraudulent trading claims
  • Antecedent claims
  • Misfeasance claims
  • Statutory demands
  • Bankruptcy petition

Director’s Disqualification

Being disqualified from acting as a company director can seriously damage your career and ability to earn a livelihood. Our team have strong experience with defending directors against disqualification and can assist with matters including:

  • Fighting director disqualification
  • Appealing a director disqualification
  • Advice on complying with the terms of director disqualification

Defending Directors facing criminal prosecution

Where a company is suspected of being involved in criminal activity, the directors may find themselves under investigation and potentially prosecuted for any part the authorities believe they have played in such activity.

Our criminal defence team have extensive expertise in defending directors against charges for crimes including:

  • Serious, high value and complex fraud
  • Business ethics, bribery and corruption
  • Corporate governance and regulatory compliance
  • Cyber crime
  • Data protection breaches
  • Insider trading and dealing
  • Consumer protection and trading standards breaches
  • Tax evasion and other tax related offences
  • Corporate manslaughter

Find out more about our expertise in white collar crime defence.

Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings

Where authorities believe a person has benefited from criminal activity, they can take a range of actions under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. This includes freezing and confiscating assets (including property, vehicles and bank accounts) as well as requiring a convicted defendant to pay the state an amount equal to that which prosecutors believe the defendant has made from crime.

Our criminal defence team are highly experienced in defending clients against Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings, including in relation to:

  • Freezing orders
  • Forfeiture orders
  • Confiscation orders
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We are independently recognised as one of the top criminal defence teams in the South East by leading client guide the Legal 500.

Our expertise is also recognised with professional accreditations and memberships including:

Our highly skilled team has decades of experience, including handling high value and high profile actions against company directors, including for serious fraud.

Our team includes police station representatives, Higher Court Advocates and barrister Philip Kazantzis. This means we can provide representation for every stage of criminal proceedings, from your first contact with the authorities through to court proceedings at every level.

As well as our legal expertise, we also have strong skills in the area of reputation management. We understand the impact a prosecution or conviction can have on your career and personal life, so can act swiftly and decisively to help minimise any negative impact from media attention.

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