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Being separated from your grandchildren can be incredibly difficult, and you may feel like your options to regain contact are limited. Grandparents do not have an automatic legal right to have contact with their grandchildren. However, with the support of our grandparents’ rights solicitors, you can potentially establish regular contact and resolve the issues you are experiencing.

We have a wealth of experience supporting grandparents with their legal issues. Our team are incredibly knowledgeable, practical, and approachable. At Wells Burcombe we are able to help you in many different ways, including:

  • Mediation for grandparents’ rights
  • Support with Court orders
  • Special Guardianship Orders and grandparents’ custody rights
  • General legal assistance on rights as a grandparent

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Our Grandparents’ Rights Solicitors’ fees

Depending on the type of legal support you need, we may be able to provide our services on a fixed fee basis. Where your situation is complicated, we can offer a competitive hourly rate. Our solicitors will ensure that you receive a transparent price breakdown at the beginning, and updates as and when required.

To discuss your fees today, please get in touch with our expert legal team at Wells Burcombe. Once we understand your requirements, we will be able to provide accurate legal fees.

Our Grandparents’ Rights lawyer’s expertise

Mediation for Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparent’s rights after divorce can be complicated, yet there are options to resolve conflict. If your child, their spouse, or ex-spouse, is preventing you from seeing your grandchildren, we can support you with family mediation sessions. Mediation processes invite the parties who are in disagreement to negotiate with the support of a trained and impartial mediator.

Before attending meditation sessions, it is necessary for involved parties to attend a meditation information and assessment meeting (MIAM). Our solicitors can guide grandparents through the process, ensuring that you are prepared and understand the steps involved.

Court Orders

If mediation proves unsuccessful, our solicitors can help you to apply for a Court order to access rights as a grandparent. Before you can apply to the Court, you’ll need to have attempted meditation. Cases involving any kind of domestic violence are exempt from mediation attempts and you’ll be able to apply for a Court order immediately.

During the processes, the Court will decide if you are permitted to spend time with your grandchild, and under which circumstances. For example, what type of communication, and how often that communication will take place.

Our lawyers can guide you through these steps, ensuring that you are adequately prepared, educated, and offering all the legal support that you need.

Assistance with Special Guardianship Orders

Under some circumstances, it may be necessary to establish grandparent’s custody rights. Special Guardianship Orders can grant grandparent’s parental responsibility. This might be required if the child’s parents have limited or no access to them, due to extenuating circumstances.

We understand that being in this position can be emotionally testing so rest assured, our family solicitors always offer empathetic and constructive support. Our lawyers have helped many clients to exercise their rights as a grandparent, supporting their grandchild’s welfare in a range of difficult circumstances.

General legal assistance for Grandparents’ Rights

There are a number of different situations where grandparents may need legal support. Our family solicitors can offer general legal help in a wide range of circumstances, such as:

  • Situations whereby grandparents would like to adopt their grandchildren or become their legal guardian
  • If your child has passed away and a third-party authority has decided to move your grandchildren to a new home
  • Legal advice on grandparents and divorce, (helping you if contact has been restricted or prevented)
  • Supporting grandparents to apply for a Child Arrangement Order

Grandparents’ Rights FAQs

Do grandparents have legal rights in the UK?

Unfortunately, grandparents do not have an automatic legal right to access their grandchildren. Regardless of this, where grandparents contact the Court, they will usually be granted these rights, unless this would compromise the welfare of the child.

If you are not able to see your grandchildren, and you would like legal support to regain contact, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist grandparents’ rights solicitors.

Can grandparents get legal access to grandchildren?

Yes, if grandparents are unable to access their grandchildren, they can seek support to gain legal access.

Grandparents might choose to apply for a Court order to gain access to their grandchildren, for example, a Child Arrangement Order. Our solicitors at Wells Burcombe can guide you through the application process, offering straightforward guidance concerning your legal position.

Can a mother stop grandparents seeing grandchildren?

According to UK law, grandparents have no automatic right to see their grandchildren. In difficult circumstances, a mother could prevent grandparents from accessing her child.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are options available to you. Working with a family law solicitor will allow you to explore the routes to access legal visitation rights. We have successfully supported many clients to establish grandparent’s rights to see grandchildren.

What do the Court consider when granting grandparents’ access rights?

When granting grandparents’ access rights, the Court will take into consideration various factors, such as:

  • The relationship between the grandchild and the grandparent
  • The family circumstances and the details of the Court application
  • Whether having contact with the grandparent would negatively impact the welfare of the child
  • Whether contact with the grandparents would adversely affect the other family members

Can a grandparent gain full custody of their grandchildren?

In some situations, parents may be unable to take care of their children. Under these circumstances, grandparents may require full custody of their grandchildren. If so, grandparents can apply for a special guardianship order, or choose to adopt their children.

Circumstances like these may arise if the child’s parents have been declared unfit to take proper care of their children. We appreciate that these situations can be difficult to manage and pride ourselves on offering sensitive legal support during these tough times.

Can grandparents sue for access?

If grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren, they can take legal steps this gain these rights. Grandparents have the option to obtain a Court order which grants them the right to see their grandchildren.

If you are being prevented from having a relationship with your grandchildren and need legal help, we can help you with grandparent’s rights in the UK.

Why choose Wells Burcombe?

At Wells Burcombe, we provide a boutique service, specifically catering to the individual needs of each client. Our legal team takes a client-focused approach, ensuring that your queries and concerns are always addressed.

We have many years of experience helping families to navigate their family law issues. Our team understand that many come to us feeling stressed, and that they need efficient and practical resolutions.

To chat to one of our experts today you can get in touch with us using the details given below. Our team will start with an initial consultation to review the specifics of your case.

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