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Following separation or divorce, trying to agree on child custody, where your children will live, who will have contact and when can prove to be one of the most challenging issues to confront.

It is always preferable for there to be an amicable agreement on child custody and to keep the important decisions to be made away from the courts, but we are realistic enough to acknowledge that regrettably this is not always possible.

Our team of family solicitors can advise you on the options available to you as a parent and help to resolve any issues that may arise in relation to child custody. We will make every effort to help you find an amicable solution without involving the courts. This includes negotiations between parents and even mediation. However, in cases where this proves not to be possible we can help you through the process of formally applying to the court where custody and contact will be decided.

Our experienced lawyers can also help with any contact issues that may arise after a divorce has been finalised such as a parent wishing to move children to another part of the country, or abroad, or simply trying to move the goalposts generally.

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