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Everyone should have the right to live without fear of domestic violence and to feel safe.

If you or your children have been suffering from abuse from a spouse or partner who you live with, you may be entitled a Non-Molestation Order or Occupation Order.

Non-Molestation Order

A Non-Molestation Order seeks to prevent your spouse or partner from threatening violence, intimidating or harassing you or your children. If a Non-Molestation Order is breached your spouse can be arrested and prosecuted.

Occupation Order

An Occupation Order can be obtained to prevent your spouse or partner returning to or continuing to live in a property you have a right to live in, for example, jointly owned property or matrimonial property. In making their determination, the courts will also consider your spouse or partner’s situation and welfare, in view of the potential implications on them.

If you are concerned that your spouse will dissipate matrimonial assets anticipating a divorce it is possible to apply to the courts to freeze those assets and protect them until a financial settlement has been agreed or determined by the court.

Our team of family solicitors can advise you on the options available to you if you or your children are experiencing violence or threats from your partner. Proceedings can be issued quickly to provide you and your children the protection of the court.

You may be financially dependent on the abusing party, but you should not be expected to stay in a violent environment due to financial constraints. We can advise you on the law and your rights and what is the best course of action to take.

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