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Criminal Defence Lawyers in Stevenage

Wells Burcombe is one of the most established criminal defence practices in the field of criminal law. Our solicitors also some of the most respected lawyers in Hertfordshire. The Hertfordshire office has a team of criminal defence solicitors who services Stevenage and its surrounding areas, including:

  • Stevenage Magistrates Court
  • Stevenage Police Station
  • Hitchin Police Station
  • Welwyn Garden City Police Station

24 Hour Criminal Defence Solicitors in Stevenage

Wells Burcombe can provide 24 hour assistance at Stevenage Police Station or any of the police stations in the surrounding areas.

If you have been detained by the police, it is essential that you speak to an experienced criminal defence solicitor before any form of police questioning takes place. This is because the police interview is often the most vital part of the police investigation. Get it wrong in the interview and it can have drastic consequences, such as a charge to court and worse still, a remand into custody.

You must also speak to a criminal defence solicitor if you have been invited to attend a voluntary interview at the police station. These interviews are treated in the same way as interviews under caution, meaning it will be recorded and may be used in evidence.

It is also important to remember representation by a solicitor at the police station for interview is free. So don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Our team of criminal defence lawyers represent clients in all types of cases held at the Stevenage Magistrates Court and Stevenage Police Station, including:

We believe you should have experienced lawyers who can provide you with the right advice and representation. That is why our team of criminal defence solicitors are always on hand to provide you with expert advice.

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