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Allegations of a sexual nature can prove to be extremely stressful for any person accused because they can cause irreversible damage to your reputation. Our lawyers understand the many challenges that you will have to confront dealing with complaints of this type, and having to address the associated social stigma and publicity that can follow.

The most important matter in cases of this kind is to obtain experienced and effective representation. We can help you manage issues of reputation from the very point any complaint is made, all the way through to assisting you with any formal police interview and through to trial. We will challenge cases at the investigation stage with a view to avoiding charges altogether. If prosecution proves to be unavoidable, we will ensure the most robust representation that can be provided.

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What can we help you with?

Indecent Images Charges

Prosecutions involving the possession of suggested indecent images are now very common. Cases of this type require knowledge and skilful negotiation. Our solicitors and barristers have vast experience in dealing with prosecutions involving images. We do not just possess the necessary social, legal and forensic skills to defend these cases, but we are equipped to help you deal with the emotional strains that result from prosecutions of this kind.

Indecent image offences fall in to three main categories-

  1. Possession of indecent images
  2. Making of indecent images – making can refer to downloading images
  3. Distribution of images

Just because a computer, phone or tablet used by you has indecent images on them does not mean that you are guilty of any particular offence. The law relating to image offences can be complex but can often be successfully defended. The police and prosecution often wrongly categorise images and try to make allegations sound more serious than they are. There may be legitimate reasons for you having possession of the images, or there may be a legitimate challenge to the suggested age of the person(s) shown in the images.

It may also be possible that malicious cyber trojans or viruses have downloaded the images on to your device, or you share your device with other people. Wherever possible and when required, we can call upon expert forensic computer analysts who examine suspect devices with a view to establishing whether prosecutions can be challenged.

It is important to instruct experienced lawyers when facing indecent image offences. The consequences of a conviction can be pretty erroneous. A conviction will mean that you will be required by law to sign the Sex Offenders Register. The maximum penalty for possession of indecent images is 5 years imprisonment and 10 years for making indecent images.

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Sexual Abuse Charges

Following the revelations about Jimmy Saville and other similar high profile sexual investigations, prosecutions involving allegations of sexual abuse have increased tremendously. A great majority of these prosecutions concern historic allegations, and almost all involve some element of an alleged breach of trust.

Common complaints include allegations between:

  • A doctor and patient
  • A priest and parishioner
  • A teacher and student
  • An adult and a child
  • An older child and a child

The outcome of these cases will depend entirely on the facts of the individual case and the quality of representation. Historic prosecutions create all sorts of evidential and procedural complications for both the defence and prosecution. An experienced legal team can make the difference between conviction and acquittal. We possess the necessary social, forensic and legal skills to defend these cases successfully.

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Indecent Assault Charges

Allegations concerning indecent assault go well beyond the prospect of charge and trial. Damage to reputation both in the short term and long term are key factors in cases of this type. Effective and experienced representation really can make the difference between an acquittal, or being convicted and being on the Sex Offenders Registry.

Incidents capable of being classified as being a sexual assault cover a very wide spectrum. The slightest physical contact can be deemed as indecent assault if the contact is of a sexual or indecent nature. Examples can include:

  • An unwanted kiss
  • Intentional touching of an intimate area, under or over clothing
  • A groin being rubbed against another person without consent

What is important is to understand that it can often be very difficult for the prosecution to secure a conviction in these cases, a prospect made even more difficult when you are represented by a team who understand how to defend cases of this type. We regularly defend cases involving a sexual compliant. Various defences can be raised including:

  • The incident didn’t happen at all
  • The incident happened but it was consensual
  • The incident happened but the contact was accidental

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Rape Charges

Rape is generally and rightly perceived as the most serious of the various sexual allegations. It is for this reason that the consequences are some of the most severe when it comes to sentencing.

Defending allegations of this type require specialist knowledge and skill. The way in which such cases are presented to the court by the prosecution and challenged by the defence has changed considerably over the years. Our team of lawyers understand what is needed in facing complaints of this nature head on. We will guide you through the important issue of reputation management, assist you throughout the investigation and attend any formal police interview, and later and if necessary challenge any subsequent prosecution with the competent and professional approach you would expect to receive.

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