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Overstayed Visa and Illegal Entrants

Are you concerned you have overstayed your visa? Perhaps you are you concerned you might have entered the UK illegally? Or, have you been contacted by the Home Office or CAPITA regarding you immigration status?

You are not alone. This happens to a lot people who have established lives and families in the UK. You may also be worried you might be deported.

Have you been making tax contributions? Have you been in the UK for a number of years and become integrated into UK society? Or do you simply believe you cannot return to your home country? You may be able to submit an application to the Home Office for leave to remain outside of the immigration rules.

This is an extremely complex area of the law and constantly changes. Therefore, to ensure you have best chance of success it is vital that you talk to an experienced UK immigration lawyer for advice.

Our team of expert immigration solicitors can give you advice that is unique to your circumstances. They will advise you on all the documentation you need to provide. They will also help prepare your application so that it meets all the eligibility criteria to fully satisfy the UKVI requirements.

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